Eventace.com exists to match people planning an event, large or small, with the best Event Suppliers and professionals. At the same time, it is designed to enable those suppliers to describe and list their services allowing them to connect with potential new customers.

Event Organiser means anyone looking to engage Event Suppliers featured on Eventace.com.com and Event Supplier means a provider of services registered as a user on Eventace.com.com

Acceptance of these Terms

By using this site to find Event Suppliers or potential new clients you agree to abide by these terms. In using the site, you do so at your own risk. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, please do not continue to use the website.

Amendments to these Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms without notice. Please check the terms often if you are a regular user so that you can discontinue using the site if you no longer agree with any changes or amendments.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is an important part of our terms of business and as such you should make yourself familiar with it before you begin using this website.

Warranties and Liabilities

By registering with or using this website, all users accept and agree that Eventace.com.com is simply a digital platform designed to connect Event Suppliers and Event Organisers. Evenatace.com is not an Event Supplier or Event Organiser in its own right and does not provide or engage event services.

All users acknowledge that Eventace.com does not handle any bookings between suppliers and organisers and as such is not responsible or liable for the provision and delivery of event services or any requirements or obligations in connection with the delivery of those services.

Event Suppliers registered with Eventace.com as a user confirm that they or any staff, subcontractors or representatives are qualified, experienced and where necessary and obliged by law, licensed and insured to perform the services offered to Event Organisers.

Event Suppliers acknowledge and agree that responding to an Event Organiser in any way, including the provision of a quote, does not guarantee that the quote will be read or that a telephone call will be answered or returned.

Event Suppliers acknowledge and agree that being featured on Eventace.com.com does not guarantee any bookings or engagements as a result.

Event Organisers acknowledge and agree that posting details of an event and requesting a response from Event Suppliers does not guarantee any specific level of response and may result in no responses at all.

Registering an Account

In order to use Eventace.com you will be required to create a password protected account. In doing so you agree to provide accurate and up to date information including contact details.

You agree to accept sole responsibility for the security of your password and for all activity that occurs on your account. You agree to notify us as soon as you become aware that your password may have been compromised and you accept that Eventace.com will be in no way liable for any losses due to unauthorized access to your account but that you may be liable to Eventace.com or others due to such unauthorized access.

Event Organisers can communicate and accept quotes from one or more registered Event Suppliers but in doing so acknowledge and agree that Eventace.com is not a booking service, agency or event supplier and is in no way responsible for the delivery or provision of any service found on this platform.

Event Suppliers acknowledge and agree that Eventace.com in no way guarantees payment for any services provided and that it is the suppliers responsibility to consider the suitability and ability to pay of the Event Organiser

Both Event Organisers and Event Suppliers agree and acknowledge that all agreements between them are subject to their own terms and conditions and that all bookings as a result of asking for or providing quotes on this platform take place off site and that Eventace.com offers no warranty whatsoever to either party.

Our Content

You may not reproduce this website or any of its content without our prior written consent.  We do not guarantee against interruption of our website in any way, nor do we guarantee any minimum length of uninterrupted service.

User Content

We may, at our sole discretion allow you to upload or submit user content to this website. As such you grant Eventace.com the right to use such content to promote the website or event services in any way we see fit.

You must have all necessary rights to post images, text, video or audio files and you agree to indemnify Eventace.com against any claims successfully made by legal rights holders of any material published on this website.

You acknowledge and agree that the rights granted to Eventace.com to use material posted on the website will survive even after termination of your account for any reason, including your decision to cancel your account.

Users agree that Eventace.com can amend, update or delete any user content for any reason and that we may use any content from your own website or other online platforms such as Facebook to update or improve your profile or to help market the Eventace.com website.

Users agree that Eventace.com is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of user content in any way whatsoever.

User Restrictions

Users agree not to contact any other user in order to arrange, organize or facilitate events other than through this website except where contact has already been established via this web site for a specific event.

Users agree that they will communicate only through this website to arrange any future events as a result of a successful introduction via this website.

Event Suppliers must not misrepresent themselves or the services they offer via this website, including their identity, qualifications, or experience.

Event Organisers must not misrepresent themselves or the event for which they seek suppliers, nor should they seek quotes for non-existent events or for events that do not offer a fee to suppliers.

Event Suppliers must not fail to provide or deliver event services as promised.

Event Organisers must not fail to pay suppliers for the successful delivery of their services.


In the event of a dispute between users, Eventace.com accepts no liability or responsibility for the resolution of such disputes and will not enter into arbitration under any circumstances. All such disputes must be resolved by the parties involved.


Eventace.com does not charge fees to Event Organisers under any circumstances. Creating an account, requesting quotes and posting details of events is completely free of charge.

Eventace.com does not charge suppliers commission on any bookings they receive as a result of being on this web site. We do however charge Event Suppliers for Eventace.com credits which allow suppliers to contact and submit quotes to potential customers.

Registered Event Suppliers will see relevant requests for free and only pay credits if they’d like to respond to an Event Organisers request. Event Suppliers can purchase credits on a pay as and when required. Credits are sold in bundles and each credit costs £1.00 including VAT – the number of credits required to access the contact details of an Event Organiser varies but will be made clear before you decide to contact an Event Organiser. Larger bundles will include a percentage of free credits. We will provide you with a VAT receipt to download on completion of your purchase.

Eventace.com may offer additional products or services with the number of credits required to access these products or services clearly shown before you decide to avail yourself of them.

All payments to Eventace.com will be made via our online payment provider Stripe, a service provider that exceeds all current online payment security practices. Details can be found at https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe

We do not hold any of your payment details at any time. These are managed and administered by Stripe, our online payment provider, a recognised industry leader in online payment provision.

All purchases of credits are final and are not subject to refund unless specifically agreed to by us.

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged you must contact us immediately. We will respond within two working days. In the event that a payment is to be refunded any chargeback requests with banks or card companies must be closed before a refund is processed.

If you decide to close your account while you have unspent credits, you will not be refunded.

Purchasing Credits

Credits are purchased to allow Event Suppliers to contact Event Organisers. They have no monetary value and do not represent pre-funding or stored value that can be converted back to cash at any time.

You agree that all purchases of Eventace.com credits are final and non-refundable. Information on current pricing is clearly available on the website and at the point of sale.

Eventace.com reserves the right to vary the cost of new credits at any time and to offer incentives and discounts when it sees fit and at its sole discretion.

Credits have no expiry date and will remain available to you as long as you have an account with us and you adhere to these terms and conditions. If you or we terminate your use of this website, you will forfeit any credits remaining in your account. If you subsequently return as a user, you must purchase new credits in order to contact Event Organisers.


When reviewing a supplier on Eventace.com, you agree that such reviews become the exclusive property of Eventace.com and that you assign all your copyright and intellectual property rights to Eventace.com irrevocably.

Eventace.com will have no obligation to comment on or acknowledge receipt of reviews.

You agree that your reviews will not breach the rights of any other party and you indemnify us in respect of any financial damages claims that may arise as a result of the content of your reviews.

We reserve the right to remove any review from the website for any reason and without notice.

In the event it comes to our notice that a review has been designed and posted in order to mislead our users or, in our sole opinion, has not been posted in good faith, we reserve the right to remove the review and to terminate your account from the website without notice.

No Endorsement Implied or Warranted

Eventace.com does not endorse any suppliers or services and is categorically not a party to any agreements between users. Event Organisers who engage the services of Event Suppliers do so at their own risk and should take the normal precautions to satisfy themselves of the suitability and efficacy of Event Suppliers.

For the avoidance of doubt, Eventace.com clearly states that no agency, partnership, employment or joint venture is entered into as a result of this agreement or of any agreement between users.

Eventace.com expects users to provide accurate information to each other. Eventace.com is under no obligation to check the accuracy of any claims made by users and may not make additional checks to verify the identity, claims or credentials of users.  Neither do we confirm or endorse any user, be it Event Organiser or Event Professional. All agreements between users are undertaken at their own risk and may be subject to different terms and conditions. Event Organisers should check they are happy to accept the terms and conditions of their chosen Event Supplier.

Due Diligence

Eventace.com reminds users to exercise due diligence and care when deciding whether to interact with another user on the website. By using this platform, you agree that any loss, damage or harm that arises due to such interactions will not be attributable to Eventace.com and you agree that you will not attempt to impose liability or seek any legal remedy from Eventace.com with respect to any interaction or disputes between users.

Event Suppliers should note that we are unable to verify fully any requests that are posted on the website and that the obligation to carry out due diligence will lie solely with the Event Supplier and not Eventace.com.

Suppliers must use their own terms of business when dealing with Event Organisers and are responsible to ensure they are stated clearly and complied with.

This website may contain links to third party websites, platforms or other events not endorsed by or controlled by Eventace.com. We assume no responsibility if you decide to follow such links and you do so entirely at your own risk.

By using the Eventace.com web site you acknowledge, understand and agree that any legal remedy sought due to the actions or omissions of other users will be limited to a claim against those users or other third parties.


We reserve the right with or without cause or notice to limit, disable or terminate your Eventace.com account in whole or in part without warning or explanation.

In such circumstances your password will be disabled and you will not be able to gain access to your profile nor will you be eligible for support or assistance from Eventace.com.

We may, at our sole discretion, contact you to notify you and explain the reasons behind this decision.

If your account is terminated, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unspent credits and we will not be liable for any lost business or damages as a result of termination. We also reserve the right to communicate to others that your account has been terminated and to give the reasons behind that decision.

You may terminate your account with Eventace.com at any time but in doing so you will not be entitled to a refund of unspent credits. Neither will Eventace.com be required to delete or return any content already posted on the website including reviews both positive and negative.


You agree that Eventace.com may contact you by any means, but particularly by email, to inform you about any general notifications to users for administrative purposes.

Entire Agreement

This agreement along with our Privacy Policy constitutes the entire agreement between you and Eventace.com with regards the use of the website and any event services procured via Eventace.com. If any part of this agreement is deemed invalid by a court with appropriate jurisdiction, the invalidity of that part or section shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts or sections of this agreement.

No Waiver

No waiver of any part of this agreement will be considered a continuing waiver and the failure of Eventace.com to assert any part of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The agreement and the relationship between you and Eventace.com shall be governed under Scots law. The courts of Scotland will have exclusive jurisdiction.