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Tell us what you want and get quotes direct from the best local suppliers. We'll help you find a wide range of suppliers for the services you need, or be specific and refine your search for the perfect professional.

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Helping Event Organisers

We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re looking for suppliers and services for your wedding or event. Sifting through hundreds of possible options, filling in umpteen enquiry forms and then the disappointment when you’re favourites aren’t available. Eventace.com is the answer. Give us your requirements in one short form and relax. Available suppliers will contact you – it’s that simple.

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Supporting Event Suppliers

Our platform rewards speed & quality of response, not massive marketing budgets. You choose which leads you're interested in and available for. A new business is just as likely to make a booking as the big established players. Join our community today and take back control of your advertising. It's free to create a profile and view opportunities. Join us today!

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